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We offer grooming for any breed of dog (large and small). Our groomers focus on making your pet's experience a positive one. All grooms include nails, ears, bath, brush-out and clipping (if necessary). Before going home all dogs receive a splash of cologne, bandanna or bows. The average groom lasts 3-4 hours with the exceptions being X-large dogs or multiple dogs. No chemical restraints are used unless prescribed by your veterinarian. Each pet receives his/her very own special attention and lots of TLC.

For those of you who work during the day...don't worry, our convenient hours of 7am - 6pm will allow you to drop off before work and pick up after work. Your pet will be well taken care of, (potty, water and blanket).

Did you know that your dog could receive playtime on the day of their groom? Reservations are required in advance...any dog that meets our daycare requirements can receive four hours of playtime, followed by a bath and or groom. Not only will you have a clean dog, but a tired dog as well.

Price based on breed and condition. Call for pricing of your pet's groom!  (716-681-0063)


Additional Services

Dental Care: Plaq Clnz is a thorough cleaning using an anti-plaque solution and a water pick tool. The full service is $15.00.
Or a general surface brushing is also available for $9.00.
....Ask your Groomer what Dental Plan is Best for your pet.

Nail Buffing: Tired of your dog scratching the floors or even you? Nail buffing smoothes and softens your dog's nails so that they are soft to the touch.   $8.00 with any bath or groom. Nail clipping and buffing only...  $18.00

Walk-In Nail Clipping: Please call ahead, just to make sure the groomer is still here. $10.00   (Nail Trim with Dremmel  $11.00)

Shed Less: Tired of all that extra hair? We use a special shampoo, followed by a conditioning treatment, a high velocity dryer to work out the hair and a timed use of a specialty tool. This process will reduce your pet's shedding by up to 80%. Dogs under 20lbs. $12.00  -  Dogs 20lbs & over $16.00   More Info

Straight Through: Have an old dog or any age that you would like to get done quickly?   $15.00 additional. Must be the first appointment of the day.


Happy with our Service? Refer a NEW customer and you save $10 off your pet's next groom.

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